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Overcoming Move-Related Stress: 3 Important Steps

Posted by Alyssa Lopez on Jun 3, 2016 10:30:00 AM


Let's face it – moving is hard, whether you're transitioning to a home around the block or relocating halfway around the world. And when you're about to embark on a work-related international move, stresses can pile on top of other stresses, leaving you emotionally drained just when you need to be strongest. Instead of letting your next corporate relocation eat you alive, follow these three important steps to overcome move-related stress.

Communication First

Whether you have a family moving with you or you'll be joining colleagues who have already relocated, you're likely not in this alone. Making communication your primary focus during every stage of your move can be the key to overcoming move-related stress.

Try these tips:

  1. Communicate with your spouse, partner, or other family members who will be a part of your move. Chances are, they share some of your concerns. Just airing those concerns – and then finding solutions together – can be a great way to reduce stress.
  2. Ask others who have gone before you for their best advice.While some aspects of your move may be unique to your situation, it's likely that you can learn from the struggles or decision points others have faced.
  3. Speak frankly with your boss or management team. Don't shoulder your issues all by yourself – your team at work may be able to help with key parts of your move to make it less stressful all around.

Plan Ahead – Way Ahead

Planning ahead over a reasonable amount of time seems like a common sense tip that maybe ought to go without saying, but consider this: for each hour you spend strategically planning out portions of your move, you'll likely save days worth of stress. While a freight forwarding firm may well be coordinating many aspects of your move, keeping yourself involved and informed is very important. Even if they'll be handling every last detail down to packing up your possessions, you can diagram out what you think your move should look like and brainstorm your personal move objectives and expectations.

Feeling like you have some control over the difficult logistics of your move can be the best type of stress relief. To ramp that relief up a notch, break down your move logistics to the smallest variable and tackle little, manageable steps methodically. You can celebrate these small move-related wins along the way and feel your stress level decline as a result.

Ruthlessly Purge

Do you really need to move every single possession you have, even the two dozen boxes in your attic that haven't been touched in at least a decade? Probably not. The more you intend to move, the more complicated your move will be. This is especially true when your belongings will be transported overseas – and to locales where housing accommodations may not be nearly as generous as those in the US.

While you are working to purge those items that you truly no longer need, work on clearing items from your calendar as well. If you're running around like crazy during the weeks before your move, your stress level will rise to epic levels. Evaluate how you can streamline your pre-move time to really address those considerations that are most important.

Continued Stress Relief

As your move progresses, you can employ additional forms of stress relief beyond enhanced communication, enhanced planning, and strategic purging. From keeping yourself healthy through diet and exercise to finding others who can help carry your load, you can embrace your next move enthusiastically and worry-free.


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Alyssa Lopez

Written by Alyssa Lopez

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