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Is a Freight Forwarding Service Necessary for Your Next International Move?

Posted by Janet Turner on Apr 26, 2016 2:00:00 PM


freight-forwarding-service-for-international-moves.jpgPeople are constantly on the move in today's global society. It can be quite daunting to prepare for a challenging career promotion that involves a long-distance or even international move. Worrying about the logistics of a move only adds more stress to an already difficult time.

It's more than just renting a truck

Moving internationally or across the country from Point A to Point B involves a great deal more strategy and steps than the average consumer realizes. When it comes to International, the safest, most economical route must first be plotted utilizing air, land, or sea cargo carriers. These safest modes are determined by calculating volume, schedules and destinations. Space must be calculated and booked ahead of time in order to secure a spot for the shipment and to meet intended arrival schedules. Well planned timing includes calculating packing, transportation and the arrival of the shipment.

Specially trained packers box and crate all furnishings and household items prior to being transported. Whether moving domestically or internationally documentation is always required. International moves involve tariffs, customs fees, and occasionally, even quarantines. A Personal Relocation Specialist within a Freight Forwarder coordinates all strategic planning with every aspect of a move; packers, trucker, shipping agents etc to make sure that connections are made and cargo continuity is maintained by proper documentation, arrival notices, Customs formalities and/or any arbitrary transportation charges incurred are paid promptly; especially when the destination point is landlocked far away from major ports of call.

Who benefits most from hiring an established freight forwarding service?

  • As you prepare to advance up the next rung of the corporate ladder, the last thing you want to worry about is how a freight handling service will be moving your goods. Corporate clients who are relocating internationally entrust freight forwarding services with their furnishings and personal belongings. Relocation specialists serve as single points of contact for all inquiries about the proposed move. Clients are assured that their treasured possessions are in well-qualified hands during every phase of the relocation process.
  • Globetrotting expatriates living abroad frequently acquire many one-of-a-kind collectibles that are irreplaceable, fragile, and often quite costly. You will want to take all precautions so that your treasures arrive safe and sound. Only by hiring freight forwarding services with years of experience moving cargo can you ensure that your possessions are handled expertly at every juncture. Otherwise, your carefully curated memories are in danger of arriving in shards, or not at all.
  • Members of all four branches of the military and their family members are frequently stationed at remote outposts around the globe. Having the familiar comforts of home arrive unscathed in a foreign country is a stabilizing influence in unfamiliar surroundings where even the language may be different. Children especially appreciate the reassuring presence of their own bedroom furnishings in their new house or apartment as a comforting link to home.
  • Government employees and contractors working abroad benefit by leaving the moving to the experts, thus freeing them up to concentrate on important business and security matters. Whether you need the contents of an efficiency apartment shipped across state lines or a family home emptied and packed for international travel, you can count on a good outcome when you hire professionals.

As anyone who has ever moved even just across town can attest, moving a household is a lot of hard work. When the move crosses several states, it is even more difficult and labor-intensive. Moving across international boundaries is a job strictly for the pros who are intimately familiar with all international shipping laws, restrictions, and tariffs.

Freight forwarding services streamline the moving process and eliminate unnecessary worry. Visit their website to learn how Accelerated International Forwarders can assist you with your next move.

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Janet Turner

Written by Janet Turner

Janet Turner is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Accelerated International Forwarders.

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