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How to Minimize the Stress of Relocating Abroad

Posted by Jackie Dennis on Apr 13, 2016 11:26:00 AM


Moving is never easy, even if you're just moving from one home to another locally. However, relocating to a place far away from your family, friends, and familiar sights can take moving stress to a whole new level. Now you not only have the usual worries of packing up neatly and transporting your possessions in one piece to your new home, but also the stress that comes with leaving your comfort zone and your loved ones for new horizons. While your move will certainly be a new adventure and you may be very excited about it, it's okay if you're also a little nervous. Here are some tips that can help you keep your stress levels under control.

Lighten Your Load by Turning it Into Cash

Have you been feeling a little bit burdened by material things lately? Moving is a great time to root out anything you don't need and get rid of it. Taking this step will save you the trouble of packing and unpacking these things.

But wait! Getting rid of items you no longer need or want can do more than just lighten your load -- it can help subsidize your move, at least to some extent. Have a garage sale and pocket the proceeds from turning your trash into someone else's treasure. Donate to a consignment shop and get a tax write off that will lower your upcoming tax burden. The cost of moving definitely adds to the stress that you feel, and making some money selling items you no longer need can help reduce that stress.

Pack a Survival Kit 

Your favorite mug is more important than you know.

In some cases, you may arrive at your new location days or weeks before most of your possessions do. When you're moving overseas, your furniture and other large items will be shipped by a freight forwarding service. This is a convenient, safe, and cost-effective means of moving your valued possessions overseas. But your plane is going to arrive before a freighter does, so unless you have your possessions shipped before you leave, you're probably going to beat them there.

In addition to packing the clothes and necessities that you'll need to get by while you're waiting for your household goods to arrive, be sure to pack a small "survival kit" of things that will help you avoid homesickness and undue difficulty. Your children's security blankets or favorite stuffed animals. Your framed wedding photo that hangs over the mantel. Your favorite coffee mug.

Look for small things that you use or look at daily, and pack them in a suitcase. You may not think that you'll miss that coffee mug now, but you'd be surprised how much something small can help you adjust after your move. It's worth checking an extra bag at the airport to help your new house feel like home while you wait for your furniture and kitchen appliances to arrive.

Once the move is finished and the dust has settled, you and your family will not only adjust to your new surroundings, you'll thrive in them. If you can keep that in your mind during the move and during your first days in a new place, you'll be able to keep your stress levels under control. Follow us on Facebook to learn more about international moving.

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Jackie Dennis

Written by Jackie Dennis

Jackie has been the president of Accelerated International Forwarder, LLC for 15 years. She has worked in the logistics industry for over 30 years with specialtization in freight forwarding, shipping, and transportation.

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