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How to Begin Exporting and Shipping Your Product the Right Way

Posted by Janet Turner on May 27, 2016 1:54:35 PM
  Making the decision to ship your product overseas can greatly expand your business profits. Yet when you decide to start exporting, you assume responsibility for properly preparing your items and handling all the shipping arrangements. Learn about common variables you will need to handle when exporting goods and how a freight forwarder can help.  What to Expect When Starting an Exporting Business Exporting businesses commonly rely on sales agents and foreign representatives to arrange the purchase and sale of goods. As you prepare for exports, the day when initial orders come in may seem far away. However, you must plan for this stage in advance. ... Read More

Importing 101 - A Beginners Guide to Importing Commercial Goods into the United States

Posted by Janet Turner on May 23, 2016 2:10:05 PM
Starting an importing business requires not only jumping into commerce basics, but navigating a regularly-changing list of rules for customs, shipping, and importing. Learn the basic steps to follow when importing goods into the U.S.  Importing Business 101 - The Basic Importing Process  If you want your imported goods to arrive on time, and avoid a tax penalty, then you need to know the right way to bring goods into the U.S. If you follow these basic steps, you cannot go wrong:  Partner with a U.S. customs broker and give them Limited Power of Attorney - This allows the broker to act as your agent in arranging the import. Get your documentation in ... Read More

Corporate Relocation: How to Find the Right Employee for the Job

Posted by Jackie Dennis on May 20, 2016 10:48:02 AM
Finding the right employee to relocate to a long-distance location isn't as simple as you might think. A promotion in your current location might only require identifying the employee with the most experience and seniority. However, while experience and seniority may be important factors to consider when identifying an employee to relocate, they aren't the only factors -- or even necessarily the most important factors -- that make an employee an ideal candidate for relocation. Following are some of the qualities that you will need to look for when choosing the perfect candidate for that important long-distance assignment. Ability to be Flexible Not ... Read More

3 Tips for Building a Successful Employee Relocation Program

Posted by Janet Turner on May 14, 2016 3:00:00 PM
A business expansion is always exciting. It means that the hard work you've been doing is paying off, and your company is ready to broaden its horizons. However, that comes with its own set of challenges, especially when you're looking at expanding long distance or overseas. One important challenge is relocating employees who will be responsible for various operations at the new locations. Long-distance and overseas relocations are tricky, and it's important to have a solid program in place to ensure that they're done correctly. Take a look at some features you'll want to incorporate in your new employee relocation program. Support for Local ... Read More

5 Reasons to Engage Logistics Companies For Supply Chain Optimization

Posted by Jackie Dennis on Mar 28, 2016 11:00:00 AM
Engage a Professional Logistics Company that Allows you to Focus on your Core Business Imagine that your roof is in need of repair. Or you have a package to send from the Midwest to the West Coast. Do you fix your roof yourself? Jump on a plane to Seattle to deliver your package. Probably not. That is why you partner with a professional with experience to solve your problems. Distributing goods in North America or across the globe is no different. Optimize your Supply Chain Your supply chain is probably the most integral part of your business after sales and marketing. You can make all the sales you want but if you can’t deliver your product or ... Read More

What is Freight Forwarding?

Posted by Janet Turner on Mar 9, 2016 3:06:24 PM
For you to understand what we do, you must be conversant with what freight forwarding is. The name is somewhat self-explanatory; freight forwarding is the coordination and shipping of commodities from one place to another using either a single or multiple carriers via marine, road, air, or rail. It's important to know that freight forwarding doesn't just operate freely (all freight forwarders should be licensed through the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC)); it’s coordinated and regulated using best practices to ensure that we provide you with quality services that are offered in a timely and professional manner, whether across borders or overseas. ... Read More

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