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Tips for Writing the Perfect Corporate Relocation Offer Letter

Posted by Janet Turner on Aug 29, 2016 1:00:00 PM
While a verbal discussion of an upcoming relocation can give you a good idea of where your employee stands on the idea of relocating to a new area, it's still customary to send a formal relocation offer letter to the employee that you've chosen and allow them to accept or reject that offer. Sending just the right letter can increase the chances that your pick will accept the relocation offer and go into the move with all the information they need -- and a positive attitude -- about the coming changes. Following are some tips for writing the perfect corporate relocation offer letter. Make it personal  When you're writing the letter, let your employee ... Read More

Why You Should Consider Retiring Abroad

Posted by Melissa Morr on Aug 17, 2016 1:00:00 PM
After spending the majority of your adult life working retirement is often seen as the grand opportunity to spend your time exploring aspects of life that work preoccupied you from exploring. Perhaps it has been a lifelong dream of yours to move abroad and live your life as an expatriate, or perhaps this is a new dream you have. Regardless, you’re going to need some navigation before taking off. Why retire abroad? There are plenty of reasons why folks decide that retiring abroad is the right decision for them. However, in the case you might need a little nudging, or perhaps solidarity in your decision, here are some main draws for people who choose a ... Read More

The Expert Expat - Your Guide to a Successful Relocation Abroad

Posted by Janet Turner on Aug 12, 2016 1:00:00 PM
Deciding to become an expat can be one of the most dizzying decisions a person can make. While an expat lifestyle is certainly exciting and rewarding, leaving the comfort of familiarity of your home country can be overwhelming.  You may find yourself flooded with a myriad of pressing questions and uncertainties that you would like answers and clarity to. The experts of the expat life can help shed some light on the complexities of uprooting your life to live in a new country. What is an Expat? An expat is an individual who is passionate about travel, new experiences, and living life to the fullest. With these traits, an expat is someone who is willing ... Read More

3 Common Challenges Expat Children Face (And How to Overcome Them)

Posted by Melissa Morr on Aug 8, 2016 2:00:00 PM
Deciding whether or not to move abroad when you have children comes with different challenges than just making the decision for yourself, or for you and a partner. On one hand, you probably realize what a unique and valuable experience living abroad can be for a child. On the other hand, you still have to worry about how well your child will adjust to the drastic change in their living circumstances. Once you've decided that the benefits of the move outweigh the drawbacks, you'll need to start looking into ways that you can help your child settle into their new environment and overcome the challenges of expat life. Here are some common challenges and ... Read More

4 Ways to Prepare if You're Using a Freight Forwarder for Your Move

Posted by Janet Turner on Aug 3, 2016 1:00:00 PM
Getting ready for a big move is always hectic, and if you're using a freight forwarder for the first time, you may not know quite what to expect. Working with a freight forwarder to have your items shipped long distance is a different matter from packing up your own things and loading up a moving truck. Knowing the guidelines to follow ahead of time can help you prepare properly and give you some peace of mind during this busy time. Take a look at some important tips to help you get ready for moving day when you're using a freight forwarder.  Packing If you do some packing ahead of time, you MUST leave the boxes open. The first thing that you need to ... Read More

3 Commonly Asked Questions about Government Shipments

Posted by Alyssa Lopez on Jul 27, 2016 1:00:00 PM
If this is your first time using a freight forwarding service for a government shipment, you may have some questions about how the process works. You're not the only one. Using a freight forwarder can be a little different than using other types of moving and shipping services, but once you're familiar with the process, you'll be pleased with the convenience and efficiency of the service. Following are answers to some commonly asked questions about using a freight forwarding service for government shipments. Should I Pack My Shipment Ahead of Time? Your freight forwarder's packing crew will make sure your items are packed safely for shipping. For ... Read More

Avoiding 3 Common International Shipping Errors

Posted by Janet Turner on Jul 18, 2016 4:00:00 PM
When you're making an international move, planning how to ship your items from one country to another is not only a matter of extreme importance, it's also one of the more complicated things that you have to do. If you make a mistake, you could find yourself facing any number of different problems. Following are some common international shipping errors so you can take precautions to ensure that they don't happen to you. Inadequate Insurance                       You won't always be there to prevent an accident from occurring. One of the realities of shipping is that at some point, your items will be in a situation that you can't control. They may be ... Read More

What You Need to Know About Clearing Customs

Posted by Janet Turner on Jul 6, 2016 11:00:00 AM
 When planning an international move, clearing customs is only one of many things that you have to worry about. However, if you've never had to go through customs before, and especially if you've never had to bring a whole household's worth of items through customs, then it may be something that's especially worrisome for you. To add to that, customs regulations vary by country, so even if you've traveled or moved internationally before, anything that you learned previously may not apply if you're moving to a different country than one you've previously traveled to. Luckily, your freight forwarder has experience navigating customs and will be able to ... Read More

Becoming a Londoner: What You Need to do to Settle in

Posted by Janet Turner on Jul 1, 2016 3:00:00 PM
Accepting a corporate relocation offer to work in a London-based branch of your company can seem like a dream come true. You'll get the incredible experience of living and working abroad, but in a city where you already speak the local language. You won't have any trouble reading the signs or conversing with people. How hard could it be to fit in? If this is what you're thinking, you're partially right -- London is a terrific city to live in, and many expats love it once they've had some time to adjust. However, that adjustment period may not be as easy as you might expect. Following are a few things that you need to know to make the transition easier ... Read More

2 Items that Require Special Attention for Shipment

Posted by Melissa Morr on Jun 27, 2016 1:30:00 PM
One of the things that makes long-distance moving such a complex chore is the fact that different items that you may need to move have to be handled in different ways. It's not just a question of making sure that your fragile items are all packed correctly - there are restrictions and requirements that affect whether you can ship certain household items to a new state or country and how you have to go about it. The last thing that you want is to find out too late that you can't bring something to your new home because you didn't make the proper preparations for shipping it. The following are two common items you may have around your home that have ... Read More

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The Expert Expat - Your Guide to a Successful International Relocation