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Tips for Writing the Perfect Corporate Relocation Offer Letter

Posted by Janet Turner on Aug 29, 2016 1:00:00 PM
While a verbal discussion of an upcoming relocation can give you a good idea of where your employee stands on the idea of relocating to a new area, it's still customary to send a formal relocation offer letter to the employee that you've chosen and allow them to accept or reject that offer. Sending just the right letter can increase the chances that your pick will accept the relocation offer and go into the move with all the information they need -- and a positive attitude -- about the coming changes. Following are some tips for writing the perfect corporate relocation offer letter.

Make it personal

tips_for_writing_the_perfect_corporate_relocation_offer_for_employees When you're writing the letter, let your employee know why they're right for the new position.

You're writing an offer letter to an individual employee, not a company-wide memo, so don't miss the opportunity to personalize the letter. Try to avoid generalities. Instead, recap your verbal conversation about the relocation offer. Emphasize the qualities that make this employee a good fit for the relocation. Make sure that you include answers to any specific questions that your employee brought up in your previous conversation.

When you make sure that your employee knows that you see them as an individual and appreciate their particular skills and talents, and when you take the time to acknowledge their personal concerns, you let them know that they're valued and not just a faceless cog in the machine. This increases the chances that they'll accept the offer, because they'll know that they're appreciated and that the company will make the effort to ease the transition.

Make it Exciting

tips_for_writing_the_perfect_corporate_relocation_offer_for_employees                        Remind your employee why they should be excited aout this offer..

The offer letter is a good time to highlight the benefits of accepting a corporate relocation. Even if the employee has already accepted the position or you're 99% certain that they will accept the position, you don't want them regretting their decision or having second thoughts. Reminding them of everything they stand to gain by accepting the offer can help reinforce for your employee that they're making the right call.

Are they getting a new title to go with their new position? A raise? More interesting job duties or important responsibilities? Make sure that you mention those in your letter. You can even talk up some of the benefits of the move that aren't work related. If your employee is going to be moving to an area that's particularly scenic, historic, or the site of exciting attractions, be sure to remind them of it.

 Make it Specific

While you're talking up the benefits of the move, don't forget to clearly outline what is and isn't included in the relocation package. You want your employee to be excited about the move, but you don't want them to be unclear about exactly what is covered.

If you're going to be offering reimbursement for moving costs or assistance with the sale of the employee's home, make sure that you clarify the caps and limits on this assistance. You should also make sure that the procedure for requesting assistance or reimbursement is clearly outlined, so that your employee doesn't miss their chance to claim their moving benefits or experience delays.

The right corporate relocation offer letter can solidify the employee's decision to make the leap into the relocation process. For more great tips that will help you improve your corporate relocation procedures,follow us on Facebook.



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Janet Turner

Written by Janet Turner

Janet Turner is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Accelerated International Forwarders.

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