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5 Reasons to Engage Logistics Companies For Supply Chain Optimization

Posted by Jackie Dennis on Mar 28, 2016 11:00:00 AM


Engage a Professional Logistics Company that Allows you to Focus on your Core Business

Imagine that your roof is in need of repair. Or you have a package to send from the Midwest to the West Coast. Do you fix your roof yourself? Jump on a plane to Seattle to deliver your package. Probably not. That is why you partner with a professional with experience to solve your problems. Distributing goods in North America or across the globe is no different.

Optimize your Supply Chain

Your supply chain is probably the most integral part of your business after sales and marketing. You can make all the sales you want but if you can’t deliver your product or service in a timely manner, your customers will dwindle and your profit margin will decrease. Here are 5 reasons you want to consider working with a professional freight forwarder.

  • A reputable freight forwarder will have the global experience and knowledge to make sure that your supply chain lives up to the promises that you make to your customer. They handle a wide range of commodities, so there’s very little you can throw at them that they haven’t handled before. They know how to find the most efficient routes and how to comply with foreign and domestic customs regulations.
  • Take advantage of their international network of agencies that perform services such as compliance at the import destination and arranging final mile delivery for all types of shipments by all modes of transport. Arranging all stages of the supply chain isn’t guess work: the freight forwarder knows what works.
  • You can use the tracking technologies of the forwarder to keep your customers informed on the status of all shipments, produce bills of lading, accurate customs documentation. And you can use Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).
  • Freight forwarders purchase space from truck, rail, air and ocean carriers on a volume basis. In most cases you cannot buy at the same rate from a carrier that a forwarder can with their collective volume from all of their customers. That means cost savings and a healthier bottom line.
  • Whether your shipment consists of household goods for relocation or for commercial sales, freight forwarders are on the leading edge of their industry, not unlike your core business in your industry. Changing shipping and customs compliance issues are difficult to keep up with. Freight forwarders are continuously trained in maintaining compliance for restricted goods, hazardous material, food products and over-dimensional shipments.

Micro-managing your supply chain can cause negative side-effects for any successful company. Engaging the services of an experienced freight forwarder can put your mind at ease for any compliance issues and save time, money and maybe your reputation. Interested in learning more?  Consider downloading our free e-book "How a partnership With AIF Can Benefit You and Your Customers" by clicking here.


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Jackie Dennis

Written by Jackie Dennis

Jackie has been the president of Accelerated International Forwarder, LLC for 15 years. She has worked in the logistics industry for over 30 years with specialtization in freight forwarding, shipping, and transportation.

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